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Creative Ways to Teach Salvation

October 2010 E-Newsletter

Creative Ways to Teach Salvation

Do the kids in your ministry understand how to be saved? How often do you explain how to ask Jesus into your heart? A wise children's leader will regularly explain the salvation message and give kids an opportunity to respond.

Be careful, though -- teaching the same message over and over in the same way can get boring. Use the suggestions in this article to teach salvation with creativity and variety.

Top Theme Songs

Pathway of Life

This song from the Top Theme Songs CD clearly spells out the path to heaven. Step one: turn away from your old way of life; step two: tell the Lord you're sorry for the bad things you've done; and step three: receive and believe in Jesus. This makes a great presentation for puppets, mime, or human video.

One Way Praise 2

God So Loved the World

This musical verson of John 3:16 is done in a calypso style that kids love to sing along with. We like it so much that it's actually on three of our albums - One Way Praise # 2, Top Sing-Along Songs, and the Look in your Heart puppet musical. One Way Praise #2 also has three other salvation songs.

Heart Condition

Jesus is a Gentleman

This song describes Jesus as a gentleman who never forces his way in, but waits at the door to your heart until you invite him inside. It is also available on three different resources - the Heart Condition CD, the Look in your Heart puppet musical, and the Lost and Found curriculum unit.

Puppets in Action 7

Puppets in Action vol. 7

All six recorded puppet scripts in this collection focus on salvation. Each script is three to five minutes long. Click here for an overview of topics and characters, and to listen to clips online.

Puppets in Action 6

Toadly the Frog

This somber story from Puppets in Action vol. 6 warns of the danger of putting off a decision about salvation, just like the frog in the story who procrastinates and is unprepared for winter.


Salvation Story Bag

A story bag is a special kind of object lesson that helps you tell a story. A brightly colored 9" x 9" cloth bag is turned inside out to reveal a different colored interior. The bag is again turned inside out, and now a third color appears! As the story continues, new colors are revealed. The plan of salvation is explained using the "wordless book" colors.

One Way

One Way Arrow Illusion

In the One Way illusion, an arrow on a card mysteriously changes direction while the leader delivers the message that Jesus is the only way to heaven. The card unfolds to reveal a road map, a "one way" sign, and the Bible verse John 14:6. This trick is easy to learn and presents a strong salvation message.

Restored Heart

Torn and Restored Heart

In this illusion, a heart is torn into small pieces and then amazingly restored a whole, unbroken heart. Gospel applications include explaining that although sin can tear our heart apart, Jesus can give us a new heart. Watch a short video of this trick here.

Salvation Cards

Salvation Flash Cards

Nine helpers hold cards that spell out the word "SALVATION." As you instruct your helpers to turn their cards around, various symbols that represent misconceptions are revealed, as well as a new word, "JESUS."  If the helpers follow your instructions, you'll also be able to spell several other important words. It's a simple but memorable way of presenting the salvation message.

Beyond Words

Beyond Words / Más Que Palabras

Beyond Words allows you to present a biblical message without using words! Puppets pantomime the action, making this a great resource for mission trips or anywhere you need to cross a language gap. In the segment, "The Choice Is Up to You," we see the consequences of choosing the narrow way to salvation or the broad road to destruction. The instruction book and CD are available in English or Spanish, and the segments are also offered on DVD.

The following resources give a more in-depth look at salvation and will require a much greater time commitment, for those wanting to focus on this message.

Look in your Heart

Look in your Heart

A 31 minute puppet musical, Look in your Heart has two of the songs recommended above. The characters discuss how Jesus can get inside your heart, and a strong salvation message is presented.

Color Me Christian

Color Me Christian / Coloréame de Cristiano

This curriculum series of six lessons provides an easy way to clearly explain salvation to children using colors. Available in English or Spanish, each lesson focuses on one color, using songs, drama, object lessons, puppet plays, and even snacks to convey the message. Children will learn how to become a Christian and share their faith with others. Lost and Found is another great curriculum resource for salvation.

Salvation is the most important message you can teach. It doesn't have to be the main focus of your lesson every week - an occasional reminder is very effective, especially if kids feel free to follow up with you after class. Material with a salvation message is also helpful for outreach events, mission trips and other ministry opportunities. Use these tools to present your message with visual interest in a way kids will remember.

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