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Flex-a-Doodle Fun

Fun with Flex-a-Doodles

Flex-a-Doodles are one of the coolest new items to come around for blacklight teams in recent years. In some ways they are like puppets - able to perform a wide variety of unique moves. In other ways they're more like props - able to work alone or in groups to create various pictures, and even letters and numbers. Whichever one they are, they're a lot of fun!

In case you're still wondering just what all you can do with these unique items, we would like to present a few diagrams to show how you can create a number of different images using the Flex-a-Doodles.

Human Figure

This takes six Flex-a-Doodles to accomplish. One of the keys to making this work is to have one performer hold the control sticks of several Flex-a-Doodles. At the pelvis, one performer should hold the bottom of the body as well as the top of both legs. Also, one puppeteer can hold the top of the body and the top of both arms. This will help hold the whole character together. Once your performers have cooridnated their movments, this character can walk, jump and do many other movements. Then, all the Flex-a-Doodles can break apart and form something else completely different!

Smiley Face

This is easy to accomplish. It only takes three Flex-a-Doodles. Two performers form simple circles for the eyes, while the third performer forms the mouth. You could also add two circles cut out of fluorescent poster board to make pupils (that can move) for the eyes. You could also use a second Flex-a-Doodle to form upper and lower lips for the mouth. That way, the mouth can actually sing!

This only takes two Flex-a-Doodles. To create this, one performer makes the shape of a question mark with their Flex-a-Doodle. Meanwhile, the other puppeteer makes the mirror image with theirs. Bring the two together and you've got a heart. If you move the top portion of the heart up and down together, you can make the heart appear to beat.


This one takes six Flex-a-Doodles. It actually works best if the center circle is created with a different color Flex-a-Doodle than what is being used for the pedals. If you have even more Flex-a-Doodles (and performers) to work with, you could also create a stem and leaves for your flowers.
Nativity Scene

It's very simple to take four Flex-a-Doodles and create a house shape. If you cut figures of Mary, Joseph, and the baby in a manger out of foamcor, and then paint them a fluoescent color, you've got a unique blacklight nativity scene.

You can create pretty much any letter or number using Flex-a-Doodles. Some letters only take one Flex-a-Doodle, while others may require more. Keep in mind, the rules of proper capitalization do not apply when using Flex-a-doodles. While it would probably take at least three Flex-a-Doodles to create an upper case "A," it only takes one to create a lower case "a." Also, be sure to remember that to the puppeteers, they will be creating the letters backwards.

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