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The following information explains the various categories of competition that are offered at the International Festival of Creative Arts Ministry. (A showcase is a performance without the judging or a creative art form we do not currently judge.)

Register early! If you are interested in participating in any of the competition categories, please register early as each competition will have a limited number of entries. Please read the Competition Guidelines carefully before registering. Please be sure to fill out your registration form completely. We cannot process incomplete forms.

Details, details. See the descriptions and judging forms below for each category. Information about the details of competition will be sent to you with your confirmation when you register to compete. The individuals and teams who perform in the competitions will receive a written critique and a score based on appropriate criteria. All competition judges are qualified, experienced individuals specially selected by Creative Ministry Solutions.

Please Note: The use of all pyrotechnics, including electric flash pots, electric confetti cannons, and flash paper is prohibited in competition. Violators will be disqualified. Anyone using confetti, streamers, turbofetti, sillystring, or other special effects that leave "a mess" must clean up the residue of their special effect immediately or points will be subtracted. No fog machines are allowed.

Purpose of Competition/Showcase: Competition allows puppet teams to share material they have been working on. Observers can gain many new ideas from watching others perform. The challenge of competition encourages puppeteers to work hard and do their best. Participants in the I-Fest Competition/Showcase are reminded that the overall purpose of performing is to minister and to share their ministry with others.

We are open to new creative ministry art techniques being demonstrated. Please note: Although we may be able to provide some feedback we will only have the ability to judge the categories listed below and you must choose the juding form.

Individual Creative Arts Competition/Showcase

9:00 pm Monday
This is a competition for registered solo performers.  This would include:

  • illusion
  • clowning
  • mime
  • balloon twisting
  • stick ministry
  • human video
  • hand mime
  • ventriloquism

Time limit is five minutes, and all recorded material must be on CD.
Limit 10 entries.

Open Puppet Competition/Showcase

9:00 pm Tuesday
This is a team competition, open to any registered team.  We welcome puppet plays, puppet songs, or a combination of the two with a five minute time limit.  Puppet plays may be either prerecorded or live, with a maximum of four live microphones.  No blacklight is allowed in this competition.  All recorded material must be on CD.
Limit 10 entries.

Blacklight Puppet Song Competition/Showcase

9:00 pm Wednesday
This is a team competition, with a time limit of five minutes, and is open to all registered teams.  All entries must be performed in blacklight.  All recorded songs must be on CD.  No live microphones are provided in this competition.
Limit 10 entries.

Team Creative Arts Competition/Showcase

9:00 pm Thursday
This is a team competition, open to any registered team.  Regional Festival rules apply.  Competition pieces may include:  mime, stick ministry, human video, hand mime, or clowning.  A maximum of four live microphones may be used if needed.  All recorded material must be on CD.  Performances using puppets must be in one of the puppet competitions.  Time limit 5 minutes.
Limit 8 entries.

People's Choice Competition/Showcase

9:00 pm Thursday
This competition is for teams who have won the "People's Choice" award at their local Regional Festival. These teams are to perform the same piece that won them the "People's Choice" awards. Competition pieces may include any of the art forms currently being judged.  Time limit 5 minutes.
Limit 8 entries.

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