Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials
"Time to rest from the busy distractions and have time to grow, reflect and
learn." - C.P. from Missouri

"I grew spiritually and left ready to stretch myself." - V.C. from Louisiana

"It is always one of the bet weeks of the year." - M.M. from Oklahoma

"Life giving, encouraging, and a fabulous learning experience." - C.B. 
from Missouri

"Happy, educational, heartfelt and cannot wait until the next I-Fest." -
E.M. from Indiana

"It was amazing, and allowed me to open up my eyes to see other people doing
such amazing things." - A.C. from Taiwan

"A great week to be inspired, refueled and equipped to serve Him and
others!" - S.F. from Pennsylvania

"Love the comrade with like-minded folk!" -V.P. from Washington

"An uplifting, spiritual uplift and a reunion of some of my closest
friends." -B.G. from Ohio

"I-Fest absolutely refills me, rejuvenates me, and refills my spiritual
tank!" -T.L. from Iowa

"My joy bucket was challenged and filled!" -L.K. from Iowa

"This was the most amazing, eye opening experience I have had.  Love
learning all about creative ministries." -B.C. from Illinois

"Reminded of the far reaching work of a lot of persons who love the Lord
Jesus." -C.S. from Illinois

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