Q. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We make every effort to ship each in-stock order within two business days.  If you live in the continental United States, most packages will arrive within five to seven business days from the date shipped.


Backorders sometimes occur due to heavy demand or supplier delays.  Most backorders ship within two to three weeks of placing the order, but occasionally an item will be delayed longer.  You will be notified of any backorders.  To save you shipping costs, we will hold your order until all items have come in.  You may call us to request that in-stock items be shipped ahead. 


For international shipments, we cannot predict exact delivery times due to customs inspections and other delays.  Your choice of international shipping method will determine the shipping time.  Most packages arrive within 15 business days.


QCan I return something if it doesn’t fit my need?

In most cases, yes.  Some items, such as CDs and DVDs, cannot be returned if opened. For more information, see our Return Policy


QCanI phone in my order and then send a check?

All retail orders must be pre-paid.  This means that over the phone, fax, or online, you need to pay with a credit card.  If you must pay by check or money order, you will need to mail your order in with your check.


Q. How can I set up a wholesale/bookstore account?  Can I place a wholesale order online?

It you are a licensed retailer, you can call, fax, or e-mail a request for wholesale information.  This includes a list of wholesale policies, credit application, and a list of products which are available at a wholesale discount. Please be aware that Creative Ministry Solutions, as a mail-order company, carries some products which we obtain from other manufacturers.  We only offer full wholesale discounts on products which we produce.


If you are a pre-approved wholesale customer, you can place a pre-paid wholesale order online using a credit card.  Just type the word WHOLESALEinto the "comments” section during the checkout process.  You can also type a PO number or reference number in that section, if you wish.  Please phone in your order if you need to verify inventory levels or wholesale discount rates.  Our online store does not reflect inventory levels, and many items on this website are not eligible for a full wholesale discount.  Please be aware that your discount will not show on internet purchases, but it will be manually deducted when we complete the final processing of you order.


Q.Where can I print out an order form?

We do not require that you use an order form, but you can download your order, before you confirm payment


Q.What sales or discounts do you offer?

There are many opportunities to save money! A Club One Membership will entitle you to 5% off on every purchase, plus other coupons, special offers, and access to hundreds of FREE resourcesavailable for you to download. Also, you can sign up for our e-news. it's a great way to find out about special offers. You'll also find great deals on resources when you attend ourTraining EventsConsider the Adopt-A-Puppetplan to save on purchases of puppets in large quantities. 


QI'm a Club One member. Do I need to do anything special when placing an order online?
Be sure to enter your Club One ID number during the checkout process, in the blank beneath your e-mail address. Your Club One discount will not show on internet purchases but will be manually deducted when we complete the final processing of your order.


QDo you have express shipping?
Next-day, second-day, and three-day services are available for an additional shipping fee. Expedited services are not offered online, as we prefer to confirm inventory accuracy when you are in a hurry. Please call (800) 569-4537before 2:00 pm Mountain Time and place your express order by phone.


Q.Do you ship internationally?
Yes. Please provide your current email address. Accurate shipping charges cannot be determined until your order is boxed and weighed. At that time, we will email you with your choice of shipping options and the respective charges. We cannot predict exact delivery times due to customs inspections and other delays. Your choice of international shipping method will determine the shipping time. Most packages arrive within 15 business days.

Q.Will you bill me for my order?
No. All retail orders must be pre-paid. This means that over the phone, fax, or online, you need to pay with a credit card. If you must pay by check or money order, you will need to mail your order in with your check. 

Q.Can my church or ministry get a discount?
Because Creative Ministry Solutions provides materials for children's ministry, almost all of our customers are churches or ministries. We try to keep our prices as low as possible so that you can exercise good stewardship when purchasing our products. We do not have special rates for churches, ministries, or missionaries.

However, there are many opportunities to save money! A Club One Membership  will entitle you to 5% off on every purchase, plus other coupons and special offers. Also, you can sign up for our E-News.it's a great way to find out about special offers. You'll also find great deals on resources when you attend Our Training Events. Consider the Adopt A Puppet plan to save on purchases of puppets in large quantities. 

Creative Ministry Solutions also partners with an organization called 
Creative Ministries International, which provides ministry resources and training to less fortunate Christian children's workers worldwide. 

Q. We're a tax-exempt organization. How do I avoid being charged sales tax?
Currently, we are only required to collect sales tax from persons residing in Colorado. If you live outside of Colorado, you will not be charged sales tax.Colorado residents can use the Comments section of the online order form to provide a tax-exempt number and request that the sales tax be removed, as long as you are paying for your order with a credit card bearing the name of the tax-exempt organization.

Q. It's 8:00 a.m., why aren't you answering the phone? Your hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., right?
Creative Ministry Solutions is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MOUNTAIN TIME ZONE. We are closed for major holidays. If you do not live in the mountain time zone, you will need to adjust for the time change. Mountain time is two hours earlier than Eastern time (10:00-7:00), one hour earlier than Central time (9:00-6:00), and one hour later than Pacific time (7:00-4:00).





Q.Can I request a specific hair color for my puppet?
Yes, if you call us at 800-569-4537or 303-567-8800.If the puppet you are ordering comes in varying hair colors, we will check the puppets in stock to see if we have the color you are requesting.

Q,How should I clean my puppet?
Our best advice is to keep your puppet from getting dirty by handling it carefully and storing it safely. For those unavoidable spots and smudges, you will need to use a surface treatment. We recommend a product called 
K2R,which is sprayed on and then brushed off. An internet search will give you more information about this product and where to purchase it. Dry cleaning is not recommended because it uses a liquid solvent which can ruin your puppet.

Q. Do you keep your puppets in stock?
We make every effort to keep all of our puppets in stock, except for certain puppets created in our Construction Zone. High demand or supplier delays can cause backorders, however, so it is always a good idea to plan ahead. If a backorder occurs, you will be notified. Please call us at 800-569-4537or 303-567-8800if you need to confirm inventory before ordering. Many of our Construction Zone puppets are made to order, and in those cases the additional delivery time will be listed in the item description.

Q. Do you sell costumes for puppets?
Yes. We have a variety of options available in our Puppet Costumes section. 

Q. How do you attach your arm rods?
Our arm rods are attached to puppet arms with rubber bands. Do not simply loop the rubber band over the puppet's wrist, or you will have very little control. The arm rod will arrive with one end of the rubber band attached, leaving a loop (Figure A). Pull the loop into a circle which is bisected by the rod (Figure B). Pull each side of the loop past the rod and bring them together on the back side of the rod, forming a double strand "C" shape with each end attached to the rod (Figure C). Put the puppet wrist between the "C" and the rod and adjust the rubber band for a tight hold (Figure D). Attach the rod to the inside of the puppet's wrist.


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Q. Do arm rods come with the puppets?
If arm rods are included with a puppet, the item description will say so, Arm-Rods may be purchased separately for the other puppets.

Q. Do the puppets come with the props pictured?
Usually, if a puppet is pictured wearing a hat, headdress, glasses or sunglasses, these will come with the puppet. The product description will list all items included. All other accessories are simply photographic props and are not included.

Q. Do you carry gloves or sleeves for puppeteers to wear while performing?
We do carry white and black performance gloves which are usually worn while performing in blacklight, to make hands visible or invisible. We do not carry gloves intended to be worn inside the puppet, or black sleeves to hide the puppeteers' arms. We do carry elbow length black performance gloves. We recommend purchasing men's black socks, cutting out the toes, and using these for black sleeves to hide puppeteers' wrists and arms. We do not necessarily recommend wearing gloves inside the puppets, but if you wish to do so, look for thin white cotton gloves.


Q. Do you carry materials in different languages?
Yes, we carry a selection of 
Spanish Recourses.In addition, our Puppet Ministry Basics and Beyond has options for Spanish audio or German subtitles. We also highly recommend Beyond Words pre-recorded scripts. These are CD/books of puppet plays which do not use spoken words. Puppets pantomime skits to the accompaniment of music and sound effects on CD. These puppet presentations can be understood by audiences of various cultures and multiple languages without the need for translation. DVD versions are also available.

Q. What products would you recommend for beginning puppetry?
Simply Add Puppets starter pack contains books, a DVD, and CDs to get you started in puppetry. We highly recommend the two-hour DVD Puppet Ministry Basic and Beyondfor training in puppetry technique, directing a puppet team, stages, props and scenery, choosing material, and more. The book, Puppet Ministry Made Easy is also a good choice for beginners. Our most popular line of puppets is our range of Rod Arm Puppets. We also carry Puppet Patterns.

Q. What is a split track accompaniment, and why is it so expensive?
Many musicals have accompaniment CDs available in split track. This means that the instrumental music has been recorded on one side of the stereo channel (left or right), and the singing voices have been recorded on the other side. When playing these albums on a stereo player, you can adjust the left-right control to dial the singing voices in and out. This allows you to add some support to your children's choir during unison songs, but dial out soloists or dialogue so that your performers can sing or speak these parts. A split track accompaniment is only necessary for live performances. The CDs are usually quite expensive because when you purchase the album, you are also purchasing the right to present live performances of the musical.

Q. Are soundtracks or sheet music available for the Righteous Pop Music (RPM) series?
No, there are no soundtracks or sheet music for RPM.


Q. Can I get a copy of the lyrics for the CD I purchased or downloaded?
Our CDs and other recorded projects contain copyrighted material that is licensed and paid for at the time of duplication. Due to copyright law, we are unable to freely distribute additional copyrighted lyrics upon request. If the lyrics are included in your download, it will be indicated in the product description.

Q. Why do some musicals include the printed script, while others don't?
Our puppet musicals are packaged as a CD/book which includes the printed script and the recorded musical on CD. We also carry musicals published by other companies which have a variety of resources, including listening CDs, songbooks, director's books, accompaniment CDs, and more, each available separately. Be sure to read the product description carefully to see what is included in your purchase.

Q. Do you have anything I could give as a Christmas or birthday gift?

Q. Is it okay for me to make copies of your materials after I have purchased them?
No. Our materials are protected by copyright law. We have obtained licenses to record music which is owned by other publishing companies, and all original material is copyrighted by Creative Ministry Solutions. It is illegal to make copies without permission, and it is illegal to give away those copies to friends.

Q. Do you carry any materials suitable for schools or other secular areas?
Of course, all of the puppets except Bibles and Bible characters can be used in any setting. Puppet stages, sound, lighting, costumes, props, accessories, and other apparatus have no religious significance. Performance material appropriate for secular venues can be found in our Schools Programming section.





Q. Can I sign up for your e-newsletter?

Q.How do I change my email address or remove it?
To change your email address, please send an email to 
customerservice@creativemin.comand tell us both your old and new email addresses so that we can make the change. To be removed from the mailing list, click "unsubscribe" at the bottom of any email you receive, or email customerservice@creativemin.com.

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