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Click to Enlarge Countdown to Easter

TV host Cameron Camel shares the Top Five Easter songs with his audience in this 27-minute puppet musical, written by Todd Liebenow. If the title sounds familiar, it may be that you remember our 'Countdown to Christmas' musical.

This musical includes four main characters: camel, paperboy, egg salesman and female cleaning expert. The announcer can easily be an offstage voice or male puppet if you prefer. You will also need a Rabbit puppet for the Bunny Song. The five songs in the musical provide opportunity for you to creatively present each musical message. The CD/script book provides some production tips for each song.

Cameron Camel does a great job of presenting the real Easter message with his comments and introductions between each song. All the songs and the lyrics also tell the biblical Easter story. 'Remember Me' is a very serious song about remembering Christ's body and blood with the bread and wine.

Note: the voiceover is not included on the purchased version of these songs. Audio quality has been reduced for online samples.

CD/Script Book includes pre-recorded musical on CD, with printed script, song lyrics, and production tips. Retail price: $20.00

Bulletins 8 1/2" x 11" single-fold, 100 count. Retail price: $17.50

Posters 11" x 17", 12 count. Retail price: $17.50

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CD/Script Book
$20.00     Quantity

Listening CD Bulk (10 Pack)
$65.00     Quantity

$17.50     Quantity

$17.50     Quantity

Download MP3 & PDF
$16.00     Quantity

Download and Book/CD Set
$25.00     Quantity

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