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Olimpiadas del Super Libro

"Superbook Olympics" is one of our most popular curriculum handbooks and we are glad to offer it in Spanish.

Get ready for some competition! Do your kids know their Bible? This ten-lesson curriculum unit involves a high degree of child involvement. Three or four teams made up of children of mixed ages compete in Bible knowledge, physical competition, group competition, and churchmanship. Take-home study sheets are provided for each session. A supplemental music CD is included.

This unit provides 60 - 80 minutes of programming for each lesson, and can be adapted to fit the needs of your ministry. A maximum of five staff (two referees, two commissioners, and one scorekeeper), plus two coaches for each team, are needed. A minimum of three staff, plus a coach for each team, could cover all positions.

Want to do this unit every year? Two volumes of additional questions for use with this unit are available separately.

Quiz Topics for each session are:

  • Introduction
  • Famous Bible Firsts, Q&A, Who Was It?
  • Who Am I? Who Said It?
  • Bible Numbers, Bible Facts, What Was It?
  • Men and Boys, Women and Girls
  • What Place Was It? Who Was It? Local Church Trivia
  • Jesus Helped People, Teachings of Jesus
  • Animals of the Bible, Growth in the Bible
  • Identify the Story, Local Church Trivia, Foods in the Bible
  • Bible Associations, Children of the Bible

For children grades 1 through 6, this unit could be adapted for grades 7 and 8. It can be used for children's church, VBS, midweek activities, Sunday school, camps, and more.

Supplemental CD includes theme songs in Spanish and activity background music.

Note: the voiceover is not included on the purchased version of these songs. Audio quality has been reduced for online samples.

Segments in each session are:

  • Opening
  • Team Practice (review of quiz questions and concepts within small groups)
  • Time Out (optional devotional period)
  • Competition (quiz questions, group competitions, and physical competitions)
  • Closing

This unit includes:

  • Unit overview
  • Supplemental music CD
  • Printed song lyrics
  • Decoration ideas
  • Scoring plan
  • Complete reproducible lesson plans for ten sessions, including reproducible take-home quiz sheets, group competition activities, physical competition activities, and answers to all quiz questions
  • Opening Ceremony Suggestions
  • Local Church Trivia Suggestions
  • Reproducible Forms, Letters, and Posters


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Superbook Olympics
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