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Mission Possible: Adventures in Faith

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to teach children what faith is and how to put their faith in Jesus Christ. This ten-lesson curriculum unit will thrill your children as they become F.B.I. cadets (Faith Building Interns). They'll be introduced to Bible and modern-day heroes of faith, and Sacred Agent Man will issue faith challenges to each cadet. All this takes place in the Hall of Faith, with puppets, drama, music, Bible memory, and fun detective work!

This unit provides 60 - 90 minutes of programming for each lesson, and can be adapted to fit the needs of your ministry. You'll need a maximum of nine people to play all the characters in the unit, or a minimum of three people could cover all duties by taking on multiple roles.

Lessons are:

  • What is Faith? (Noah)
  • Faith is belief in God for salvation (Paul)
  • Faith is belief in the unseen (Abraham)
  • Faith is earnestly seeking God (sick woman)
  • Faith is trusting God's Word (Corrie Ten Boom)
  • Faith is telling others what you believe (Billy Graham)
  • Faith is trusting God no matter what (Joseph)
  • Faith is obeying whatever God asks you to do (Nehemiah)
  • Faith is believing that nothing is impossible (boy who shared his lunch)
  • Faith is walking without seeing. (special activities)

For children grades 1 through 6, this can be used for children's church, VBS, midweek activities, Sunday school, camps, and more!

A CD of special theme music is included!

Note: the voiceover is not included on the purchased version of these songs. Audio quality has been reduced for online samples.

Segments in each lesson are:

  • "From the Mailbox" - theme introduction
  • "Agent FM Stereo" - worship time
  • "Mental and Physical Fitness Agents"
    - the F.B.I. pledge
  • "Double Agents Art & Smart"
    - drama skit
  • "Sacred Agent Man"
    - today's faith challenge
  • "Cadet Fenway" - puppet skit
    (one male puppet needed)
  • "Agent VH-1" - Bible story
  • Final challenge and closing
  • Optional small group activity

This unit includes:

  • Unit overview
  • Printed song lyrics
  • Supplemental music CD
  • Character descriptions and costume ideas
  • Decoration ideas
  • Cadet graduation goals
  • Complete reproducible lesson plans for ten sessions, including printed drama scripts, puppet skits, and Bible stories
  • Reproducible Bible memory verse cards
  • Reproducible FBI Pledge cards
  • Reproducible visuals

To see demo pages Click Here


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