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Click to Enlarge Short Bible Routines - 3 Vol. Set

Just what you're looking for -- Bible story routines and short routines with spiritual themes! This three-volume set includes 50 total scripts written for ventriloquists and puppeteers.

Volume One includes the following topics: Creation, Adam, Eve, First Sin, Noah's Ark, After the Ark, Joseph, Joseph in Egypt, Lot, the Red Sea, Moses, Ten Commandments, Deborah, Balaam's Donkey, Joshua, Samson, and Gideon & the Midianites.

Volume Two includes: Ark of the Covenant, Mizpeh, David and Goliath, King David, Solomon's Dream, Elijah and the Prophets of Baal, Naboth's Vineyard, Elijah's Chariot, Naaman, Jonah, Jeremiah, Daniel and the King's Food, Fiery Furnace, Lion's Den, and Queen Esther.

Volume Three includes: Christmas, Jesus as a Child, Jesus Starts Ministry, Born Again, Jesus' Miracles, Prodigal Son, Good Samaritan, Zaccheus, Feeding 5000, Jesus Walks on Water, Resurrection, Peter, Saul, Missionaries, Paul and Silas, Peter out of Prison, Paul goes to Rome, and Paul's Letters.

Written by William H. Andersen.

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