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Click to Enlarge Children's Church Classics

This collection of classic children's songs is perfect for your children's church or puppet shows. These 11 songs by Ronnie Caldwell will have your kids singing along. The CD features soundtracks to sing along with.
1. Living Bread / Standing On the Word
The first part of this song is "Living Bread," a parody of the classic song "Shortnin' Bread." The second half, "Standing on the Word," focuses on the armor of God. This upbeat song is sung by an adult male soloist.
2. His Banner Over Me is Love
This is a rap version of the classic song. It features an adult male lead with children singing the backup parts. The closing of the song is a fun rap segment.
3. Wise Old King
This is a short but catchy tune about a king who taught his men the word of God. The singers go through the song several times, getting faster and faster each time. This one is sure to be a crowd favorite. Features an adult male lead with kid backup singers.
4. If You're Saved
The Christian version of "If You're Happy and You Know It." Has lots of opportunities for kids to clap their hands and stomp their feet. Sung by an adult male soloist with kid backup singers.
5. Praise Him
New version of the classic song. Now you can "praise Him in the morning" and "praise Him in the noontime" to a Latin beat. Features a adult male lead with kid backup singers.
6. The Lord's Army / Father Abraham
Two classic kids church songs in one. Both songs have been updated with a rock beat. There are plenty of actions for the kids to do in the "Father Abraham" section. Features an adult male lead singer with kid backup singers.
7. When the Spirit of the Lord
When the Spirit of the Lord moves upon my heart I will pray like David prayed, dance like David danced, and so on. This one starts slow but quickly speeds up. This song is sung by two adult male singers.
8. He is Alive
This simple song features lots of clapping to get the audience participating. This song features an adult male leader with children as backup singers. The music has somewhat of a Latin feel to it.
9. Hug Another Neck
This fun audience participation song encourages the crowd to hug necks, scratch backs, and pat heads of those around them. Sung by an adult male leader with children backups. The kids will love this one.
10. I've Got the Joy
This is a down-home country version of the classic song, complete with banjos and fiddles. Features an adult male lead with children singing backup.
11. I've Been Redeemed
An adult male lead and kid backup singers give this classic kids song a new swingin' jazz sound. Like, cool baby!


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