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Click to Enlarge The Present is the Future

Filled with outlandish characters, clever wordplays, campy satire, and fun songs, this musical helps kids learn that their fears, desires, and insecurities are similar to those from Biblical times. The story is based on the board game "Clue." A butler presents the children of this mystery mansion with a question: what is the gift that Christmas brings? Each child has been given a token as a clue, and they are to find more clues in each room of the house. Each room's clue tells a part of the Christmas story and highlights a struggle of an individual's character. For example, a hook tells about the shepherds and their commonness; a rope shows the loneliness of the stable boy. The clues explain how the birth, death, resurrection of Christ can give us identity, joy, serenity, forgiveness, knowledge and hope for our future.

The unusual storyline does convey the Christmas story, and concludes that the present Christmas gives is the future with Christ. There are seven songs, one adult and seven children characters.

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Quick Reference Guide
Quick Reference Guide

Songbook contains the song lyrics, simple melody accompaniment, drama segments, and activities for the children. Songbook orders in larger quantities may require up to two weeks for delivery.

Listening CD is a recording of the complete musical, including all the music, drama, solo, and choir singing voices. If you are performing totally with puppets, without any live parts, this is the only CD you need.

Preview Pack contains a Listening CD and Songbook. Limit one per organization

Digital Resource Kit is an easy-to-store package that holds a single CD-ROM which contains everything you need to produce this musical: lesson plans, activities, pre-planning material and more. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery of this item.

Demonstration DVD contains choreography ideas and production tips. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery of this item.

Accompaniment CD Note: this item is non-returnable.This CD has the instruments only on one track, and the singing voices on the other track. It must be played on a system that has a "left and right" or stereo control. This makes it possible to dial the voices out and have just the music, to dial the music out and have just the voices, or to adjust the levels anywhere in between. This CD does not contain the recorded dialogue. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery of this item.

$8.00     Quantity

Listening CD
$17.00     Quantity

Preview Pack
$12.00     Quantity

Listening CD Bulk (10 Pack)
$60.00     Quantity

Digital Resource Kit
$80.00     Quantity

Demonstration DVD
$35.00     Quantity

Accompaniment CD (non-returnable)
$95.00     Quantity

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