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Click to Enlarge Gospel Magic - The Complete Set

This new book combines "Gospel Magic for the Beginner," "Gospel Magic II," and "Gospel Magic III" into one book!

There is no question about the fact that most people are attracted to the magic tricks. Many tricks even lend themselves well to teaching. We can liken magic props to other things and draw applications for the results of the trick. This is the technique of the true Gospel magician, to use the tricks or illusions to teach the good news of salvation.

The tricks in this book are presented as a vehicle for teaching Biblical concepts. The book explains how to do the tricks and gives a gospel application for the trick. Written by William H. Andersen.

Tricks and applications from Book I include:

  • Thumb Tip Vanish - Christ in you
  • Twentieth Century Yarn - Problem solved
  • Cut and Restored Rope - Forgiveness
  • Professor's Nightmare - All sin is sin
  • Jersey Loops - We shall be changed
  • Paddle Trick - sin removed
  • Clippo - Sins forgiven
  • Predicting a Sum - God knows
  • Finger Palming - Guessing wrong
  • Penetration - Jesus through the wall

  • Tricks from Book II include:
  • Sin Vanishes Like the Coin
  • Bible Tear
  • A Different Person
  • We Shall Be Changed
  • The Prodigal Son
  • Rapid Calculations
  • Sin Blocked Out
  • Three Color Choice
  • One Way Knot
  • Bow Knot Gone

Tricks and topics from Book III include:

  • Vanishing Knot - sins forgiven
  • Rope Escape - Peter out of prison
  • Money Trick - banded together
  • Cut Banana - appearances are deceiving
  • Ribbon Trick - fiery furnace
  • Number Trick - key to heaven
  • Paper Tear - good news in the paper
  • Burned Money - give and it will be given
  • Mathematical Problem - prophecy
  • Rat Trap - trusting faith

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