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Click to Enlarge Puppet Aerobics CD

This is an exciting way to put your puppet team through rehearsing the basics. The background music gets puppeteers moving through aerobic drills. Topics covered include: Entrances and exits, lip synch and movement, rod arm movement, put it all together, double rod arm tango, and human-arm puppetry. This is a great resource for new puppeteers to learn to perform correctly, and for reviewing proper technique for experienced puppeteers. Practice along with the CD during your team's rehearsal each week, and watch sloppy puppetry turn into sharpened skills.

Titles are:


Click to Enlarge Puppet Aerobics DVD

Looking for a fun way to sharpen your puppetry skills? This DVD offers six different training exercises, each focusing on different aspects of proper puppet manipulation. Your team can practice along with the puppeteers onscreen as they demonstrate proper technique. Spend time each rehearsal reviewing these basics and watch your puppeteers' skills improve! Also available on CD.

Topics are:

  • Gimme an Up (entrances and exits)
  • I Can Do All Things (lip synchronization)
  • Move That Arm (rod arm manipulation)
  • Put It All Together (combine steps 1-3)
  • Double Rod Arm Tango (using two rods)
  • It Takes Hands Baby (human-arm puppetry)



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