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Click to Enlarge Libretos Cortos, Grandes Resultados

"Short Scripts, Big Results"

This collection of 20 pre-recorded Spanish scripts is divided into four general areas: Christian values, moral values, educational, and prevention. Specific topics include obedience, prayer, honesty, sharing, nutrition, fire safety, child abuse, and drug, alcohol, and tobacco warnings. Each script uses two to four characters. The 68-page script book includes two CDs with authentic Spanish speakers performing the voice work. The entire book and CD are in Spanish only, no English. Produced by José Rodriguez Melendez.

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"Libretos Cortos, Grandes Resultados" contiene la recopilaciòn de 20 libretos cortos para ser interpretados con su teatro de tìteres. Tambièn pueden ser interpretados con niños y niñas, adolescentes, jòvenes o con la combinaciòn de tìteres y personas. Los libretos estàn agrupados en cuatro partes con us tema central: valores cristianos, valores morales, educativos y prevenciòn. En cada libreto se utilizarà de 2 a 4 personajes y desarrolla un subtema el cual exhortarà a la audiencia a mejorar como ser humano y ser ciudadanos responsables.

Note: the voiceover is not included on the purchased version of these songs. Audio quality has been reduced for online samples.


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