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Click to Enlarge Great Big Story

Inspire your kids with this fun-filled children's Christmas musical with a great big message of God's love. A Sunday school class Christmas party becomes a tell-a-thon when class members take turns telling parts of the biblical Christmas story.

Designed to be easy-to-sing and easy-to-stage, this 22-minute musical has six speaking parts - a Sunday school teacher, three girls and two boys, plus optional non-speaking roles for Mary, Joseph, an angel, wise men, and shepherds.

Created by Allie Lapointe and Dave Clark.

Quick Reference Guide
Quick Reference Guide

Note: the voiceover is not included on the purchased version of these songs. Audio quality has been reduced for online samples.

Songbook contains the song lyrics, simple melody accompaniment and drama segments. Songbook orders in larger quantities may require up to two weeks for delivery.

Listening CD is a recording of the complete musical, including all the music, drama, solo, and choir singing voices. If you are performing totally with puppets, without any live parts, this is the only CD you need.

Preview Pack Note: this item is non-returnable. It contains a Listening CD and Songbook. Limit one per organization

Teacher's Digital Resource Kit includes a CD-ROM with: (Please allow up to two weeks for delivery of this item.)

  • Production notes and Resource Guide
  • Teaching Ideas for each song in the musical
  • Reporducible Activity Pages that reinforce the concept of each song
  • Devotionals for each song that encourage group or family discussion
  • Sheet Music in both piano/vocal and leadsheet formats
  • Running Drama Scripts
  • Hi-Res Cover Art
  • Bulletin Blank Template

Accompaniment CD Note: this item is non-returnable. A split track CD has has the instruments on one track, and the singing voices on the other track. It must be played on a system that has a "left and right" or stereo control. This makes it possible to dial the voices out and have just the music, to dial the music out and have just the voices, or to adjust the levels anywhere in between. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery of this item.

$6.00     Quantity

Listening CD
$17.00     Quantity

Listening CD Bulk (Ten Pack)
$55.00     Quantity

Accompaniment CD - Stereo and Split Track (non-returnable)
$50.00     Quantity

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