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Click to Enlarge Springy blacklight puppet

These fluorescent puppets will delight audiences of all ages as they spring into your performance. They are made with all fluorescent fabrics, feathers and paint so they will glow when used under blacklight. Fabric colors and patterns vary. Each Springy puppet consists of a glove head that fits your right or left hand, and glove feet that fits the hand opposite the head. The thumb of the glove is the puppet's lower jaw. One person can operate each puppet, but a pair of them bouncing around offers an optimal effect. A plastic coil inside brightly colored fabric serves as the body of the puppet. When the head is sitting on the feet, it measures about 7" tall. Fully extended, it measures 29". Order left or right handed, based on which hand you want to use to operate the head of the puppet.

Springy puppets are created in our Construction Zone, along with our other high-quality characters. These puppets are handcrafted by expert puppet builders, using the finest materials to create specialty characters for puppet performances.

Sale ends March 25, 2018!

$85.00 Qty

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