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Click to Enlarge Pirates of the "I Don't Care"-ibbean

Jeff Smith, renowned for creating the dowel rod ministry phenomenon, wrote the music and words for this new 45-minute musical. The musical is all about treasure: how we are treasure in God's eyes and treasure is to be stored in Heaven.

It begins with Andy and his dad Joe watching a baseball game with the Plattsburgh Pirates playing the Devil Rays at Pirate Park in Plattsburgh P-A. Two witty angels narrate the play which shows Andy being hit by a baseball and knocked unconscious. What he dreams becomes the majority of the musical. He is suddenly on Johnny Bay island in the "I Don't Care-ibbean" surrounded by a company of pirates cast off by their leader, Captain Jack. They spend their days without meaning, thinking they have no value and no purpose. Ultimately, Andy reminds the scallywags that they really do matter. Captain Jack has lied to them and has stolen all the gold. After a brief soak in the sea, they remember who they are and why they are there. Andy is poised to catch the dynamite that angry Captain Jack is about to throw, when he wakes up in Pirate Park again.

Finding out he has been hit on the head by Johnny Bay's winning ball, he is thrilled to know the Pirates won and he is "back home." This musical lends itself to the use of choir, drama, and puppets combined or to the savvy puppet or choir leader ready to perform something different and fun. The singing voices are crisp, the music is great with upbeat songs and variety, and the message uplifting.

Note: the voiceover is not included on the purchased version of these songs. Audio quality has been reduced for online samples.

Songbook contains the song lyrics, simple melody accompaniment, drama segments, and activities for the children.

Listening CD is a recording of the complete musical, including all the music, drama, solo, and choir singing voices. If you are performing totally with puppets, without any live parts, this is the only CD you need. Also available in discounted 10 packs.

Preview Pack contains a Listening CD and Songbook. Limit one per organization

Director's Resource (Loose Leaf)* includes:  Production notes including direction on costuming, staging and props; Running Scripts; Spiritual lessons; Devotional materials; etc.

Director's Resource (Digital CD-ROM/DVD)* BEST BUY! The digital resource DVD and CD-ROM is a combo that contains the entire director's resource, but in a PDF format, and the production DVD... 2 discs in one package! The PDF format allows you to print only the pages you need when you need them! The digital resource is designed to help the busy local children's choir director in teaching and staging the musical. Included on this DVD and CD-ROM are: Production Video (complete with drama and music scenes, choreography helps, set and prop descriptions); Production Notes including direction on costuming, staging, and props; Running script; Musical lessons designed to teach the fundamentals of music to your children; Spiritual lessons designed to help your children better understand the scriptural principles they are singing about; Devotional materials.

Demonstration DVD* includeds drama and music scenes, choreography helps, set and prop descriptions.

Stereo Accompaniment CD* Note: this item is non-returnable. This CD is a stereo accompaniment trax for performance use. High quality orchestral performance and recording. No vocals are included. This CD does not contain the recorded dialogue.

Split-track Accompaniment CD* Note: this item is non-returnable. This CD has the instruments only on one track of the CD, and the singing voices on the other track. It must be played on a system that has a "left and right" or stereo control. This makes it possible to dial the voices out and have just the music, to dial the music out and have just the voices, or to adjust the levels anywhere in between. This CD does not contain the recorded dialogue.

*Please allow up to three weeks for delivery on items marked with a *

$8.00     Quantity

Listening CD
$17.00     Quantity

CD Preview Pack
$12.00     Quantity

Listening CD (10 Pack)
$60.00     Quantity

Director's Resource (Loose Leaf)
$60.00     Quantity

Director's Resource (Digital CD-ROM/DVD)
$80.00     Quantity

Demonstration DVD
$30.00     Quantity

Stereo Accompaniment CD (non-returnable)
$95.00     Quantity

Split-track Accompaniment CD (non-returnable)
$95.00     Quantity

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