Gospel Illusion Beginners Kit

Gospel Illusion Beginners Kit
Gospel Illusion Beginners Kit

Gospel Illusion Beginners Kit

Consists of: Magic Vision Box, Pirate Sword Illusion, Wonderful Chop Cup, Stiff Rope, Gospel Magic Anyone Can Do, From Tricks To Truth, and Teching Tricks To Truth DVD.

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Gospel Illusion Beginners Kit Content

Magic Vision Box:

For this simple illusion, a volunteer selects a color on a cube and places that color facing upward inside a closed plastic box. The performer is then able to tell the helper what color they selected. This is a great trick to do just for fun or to help talk about how God sees and knows all, even things we think we've hidden. 

Pirate Illusion:

This compact pocket illusion is so simple that anyone can do it. It features the image of a pirate holding a metal sword (which moves). The performer inserts another metal sword into the hole and pulls the lever. Somehow, the pirate's sword is able to pass right through it. 

Wonderful Chop Cup:

The Chop Cup is a simple trick that allows the performer to make a small ball seem to appear or disappear under a cup. You can even make it seem that the ball passes through the cup. With a little practice, this is an easy trick that performers of all ages can master. It can be used for many Gospel applications, including a unique illustration of the empty tomb on Easter morning.

Stiff Rope:

This is one of our best-selling tricks for a good reason. It is easy to do and a highly visible effect. What happens? A rope can be coiled in the hands and shown limp and flexible. Then it becomes rigid. It stands up straight, can be made into a V shape, and can do other crazy things. No string or wires are used. The rope is very cleverly made.

Gospel Magic Anyone Can Do:

Here is the perfect book for anyone wanting to start doing simple illusions with a Gospel message. This book contains routines for over a dozen inexpensive magic props that are simple and easy to perform. With just a bit of practice, even young kids can perform these tricks and deliver messages that will have an impact with audiences. Multiple routines with different messages are provided for all the tricks in this book.

Tricks Include: In N Outer Box • Baffling Boomerangs • Fanta Block • Sealed Mirror Glass • The Magic Vision Box • Chop Cup • And many more.

From Tricks Truth:

By writing this book, Doug Wathen has made available to teachers, and anyone who desires to witness, a practical and valuable resource. He has turned common magic tricks into events that will both excite an audience and enhance their understanding of lessons. He has combined a common form of entertainment with ministry. The result is a kind of teaching and evangelism that many will want to see and hear.

This book is extremely well written. The illustrations and explanations are clear. The message ideas are appropriate and meaningful. When it comes to offering information that even beginners can apply and use with great effectiveness, I think this is the best book on the subject of using illusions to explain the gospel to arrive on the scene in more than twenty years. Anyone who is willing to study and apply the material found on the following pages will find himself in possession of a terrific tool for ministry.

Teaching Tricks To Truth DVD:

On this 80-minute DVD, Douglas L. Wathen teaches you to illustrate the Gospel using the skills of an illusionist. Captivate an audience of all ages while you draw their attention with tricks that teach Gospel truths. Each illusion is fully demonstrated and explained, with a Gospel presentation for use in your program.


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