October 2nd 2021, Crossroads Ministry Center, 2095 West Fair Ave, Lancaster, OH 4313

October 2nd 2021, Crossroads Ministry Center, 2095 West Fair Ave, Lancaster, OH 4313
October 2nd 2021, Crossroads Ministry Center, 2095 West Fair Ave, Lancaster, OH 4313
Come join us for a fun time of Learning and Networking with attendees from within the area. Workshop Topics Include: Creative Arts Ministries, Leading a Creative Ministry Team, Puppetry Techniques, and Lip Synch Challenge. Full details of the event can be found below.

Book 10 day's before to benefit from the Early Booking Price of $30 each or group price of $27 per person for 6 or more registered at the same time (Group price calculated at checkout). Select your Options below to Register for Lunch and/or Competitions!
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Product Details
What is a Creative Ministry Festival?
A Creative Ministry Festival is a Saturday filled with workshops, performances, competition, demonstrations, excitement and spiritual challenge. Festivals provide a place for teens and adults alike to learn more about creative arts ministry, to have a chance to hone their skills, and to network with other creative ministry enthusiasts in their region.Choose from beginning and advanced workshops for a variety of creative ministry directors and performers. Workshops (topics vary at each location) featuring: puppet ministry, gospel illusion, ventriloquism, stick ministry, music, ballooning, children's ministry, and leadership will re-energize your ministry. Our workshop leaders are experts who teach from their own experience in leading successful creative ministry teams. It is also a great venue to get ideas and inspiration by watching others perform and compete.
Who should attend a Creative Ministry Festival?
Children's ministry workers, puppet team directors, creative arts enthusiasts, Sunday school teachers, family worship leaders, and anyone in ministry will benefit from the training and inspiration. Please note that children under age 8 will not be admitted. Please do not bring babies, toddlers, or young children to the festival. The festival is for adults and youth over 8 years old.
Creative Ministry Resource Display
There will be a wide variety of puppets, patterns, creative ministry DVDs, scripts, CDs and other resources for you to purchase. All major credit cards, cash, or personal checks will be accepted. Come early and take time to look over the many ministry resources available to help you.
Cancellation Policies
Refunds will be given only if Creative Ministry Solutions is notified at least ten days prior to the festival. Cancellations received after the ten-day cutoff will receive a merchandise certificate for the registration amount minus a 20% cancellation fee. There will be no refunds after the event. If you are unable to compete, please contact us immediately to allow another team to compete. Meal fees are not refundable 24 hours before the event start

Share the training with others
For every registration you purchase for one of the regional Creative Ministry Festivals, you have the opportunity to gift someone from another church or organization who has never been to a festival with a FREE registration. This is a great way to introduce others to the world of puppetry and other creative arts ministries. Don't miss out on this chance to introduce another church (or churches) to the world of creative arts ministry.

Here's how it works:  

Let's say you purchase a registration for yourself to attend the festival.  That means you can also register someone from a different church to join you for FREE!  How about if you register eight people to come to the festival?  That means you can also gift eight other churches with a single registration for the festival. 

The gift registrations cannot be given to a member of your church, team, or organization. It must go to the representative of another ministry who has never been to a festival before.  Any one church, team or organization can only receive one free registration.

Tentative Schedule

8:30 Registration Opens
9:00 Theme Presentation Joy
A. Puppetry: the Basics and More
B. Developing a Successful Ministry Team
C. Drama Through Motions & Objects
10:40 Break/Exhibits
11:15 Performance:
A. Choreography: All Together 1, 2, 3, 4
B. Impromptu Puppetizing
C. Organization and Storage
12:45 LUNCH (on site)
A. How to Win at Lip Synch Challenge
B. Adding Sign Language to Your Program
C. Props that Tell a Story
A. Team Building Lab
B. Stretch-a-Belly Choreography
C. Protecting Your Ministry Assets
17:15 Break-Refreshments/Exhibits
17:45 Closing Challenge:
Awards, Giveaway Drawing
Competition Entry (Optional)
The competitions are open to everyone! They are not about winning or losing, but about ability, encouragement, progression, and passing on ideas to each other. There is a panel of judges, who use a set criteria to evaluate your presentation and to give you the feedback to encourage you to excel even further in your ministry. Due to time restraint, there are a limited number of places for the competitions and these are often fully booked,so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Purposes of Competition
Participants in the Festival Competition are reminded that the overall purpose of performing is to minister and to share their ministry with others.
Teams benefit from receiving written feedback from qualified judges.
Competition allows ministry teams to share material they have been working on.
Observers can gain many new ideas from watching others perform.
The challenge of competition encourages participants to work hard and do their best.
Types of Competition:
Please review the Judging Criteria below to help you choose the correct type of competition you wish to be entered as. You may also enter in the Competition as a Showcase (un-judged) piece if you do not want the judges feedback or your piece does not fit into the types listed below.

Puppet Song
Puppet Skits or Ventriloquism
Clown Skits or Mime Routines
Stick Ministry or Human Videos
Hand Mime
Entry Limitations
Each church/organization may enter once in the competition. The number of entries will be limited due to time constraints, so register early to be sure you're included in the competition. Entries are taken on a first come/first served basis.

Time Limits
The time limit for your presentation is five minutes. One point will be deducted from each judge's score sheet for each 30 seconds overtime. Any entry going more than two minutes overtime will be disqualified. You need not try to fill the entire time allotment. It is better to strive for QUALITY not quantity.

Set-Up Time
Plan to be ready to perform within three minutes after you enter the stage. One point will be deducted from each judge's score sheet for each minute of delay beyond the three-minute allotment for setup. All props, scenery, or other equipment should be quickly put in place and removed immediately after the performance.

Competition Evaluation
Entries in the competitions will each receive Gold, Silver, or Bronze awards based on the judges' evaluations of each performing group. The judges may present additional awards for outstanding puppetry technique, exceptional use of props and scenery, originality, and best portrayal of our festival theme. In addition to the judges' awards, each group attending the festival will vote for one group to receive the "People's Choice" award.

Bonus/Penalty Information
Bonus points may be awarded for originality of material, special effects, outstanding live voices, or overall excellence of the presentation. One point will be deducted from each judge sheet for each 30 seconds of "overtime" beyond the time limit. Teams will be disqualified if time exceeds limit by two minutes or more.
Be ready to perform within three minutes after you enter the stage. One point will be deducted from each judge's score sheet for each minute of delay beyond the three minute allotment for setup. (See above section on Time Limits for more information.)

Puppet Stage Set-Up
Due to time and space limitations, groups who enter the competition are not allowed to use their own puppet stages. A stage and sound system will be provided for all groups to use. The stage will have two levels. Puppeteers on the lower level perform from a kneeling position, while those performing on the upper level stand. Please bring your own kneeling pads or benches. Props need to be hand-held, free-standing, or draped over the curtain.

Sound, Props, Scenery & Tech
All performance media must be in CD format. We are unable to accept cassettes, DVDs, MP3s, or other types. You will need to supply whatever kneeling pads or other materials you need for your shorter puppeteers to kneel or stand on.
NO pyrotechnics or fog - This means that the use of electric flash pots, electric confetti cannon, and flash paper is prohibited in any competition piece. Fog machines, smoke-in-a-can and similar smoke effects are also not allowed. Violaters will be disqualified. 
C02 confetti cannon loaded with streamers only (no confetti) and similar non-flame effects are allowable. However, any residue from streamers or other "messy" special effects should be cleaned up immediately by the team causing the residue. Failure to do so will result in penalty points. 
All props should be either "freestanding" or hand-held. Do not assume that there will be any type of prop rack available. All scenery should be of a lightweight type that can be draped over the stage or hung from the stage pipes or bars.
If you have any queries regarding the festival or the competitions-please email; events@creativemin.com or call our events department on 303-567-8800 or 800-569-4537
In order to keep to our Festival Schedule we are planning to make lunch available for those who wish to order it when they register. The new schedule allows 45 minutes for lunch so there will not be time for teams to leave, have lunch and return in time for the next session.
The purchase meal option will include:
Sandwich (Chick-fil-A when possible or a turkey or ham deli style sandwich)
Soda/bottle of water
Please Note: Meals must be ordered by the Thursday of the Festival. The fee is non-refundable after that date.

Crossroads Ministry Center,
2095 West Fair Ave, Lancaster, OH  43130

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