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Ventriloquism is a time-honored skill that people find simply fascinating. How does the ventriloquist make it appear that his wood, cloth, or foam partner is really talking? Traditional vent figures are often made of wood, but soft bodied puppets are lighter weight, and easier to manipulate for the beginning ventriloquist. Soft bodied figures may also appear friendlier and may be less intimidating to younger and special-needs audiences. Any moving-mouth puppet character, designed for use outside of a puppet stage, can be used as a vent figure.
Today, the unique art of ventriloquism is used by performers, teachers, ministers, and even therapists. The ability to bring life to a puppet delights audiences of all ages, and proficient lip-control, character manipulation, and mastery of the "hard" letters can rivet an audience's focus on an important message. Can this art be learned or is it a gift given to only a few? We believe that this attention-grabbing tool can be learned by anyone with a strong desire to use the art. Creative Ministry Solutions can help, with scripts, training materials, and puppet characters. Your adventure in ventriloquism is about to begin!

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